Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel, a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It can help make your customers aware of your latest items or offers by integrating it into your marketing automation efforts.

The first email was sent in 1971. It was probably about 2 seconds later that someone thought, “Hey we can SELL stuff with this!” And that’s how email marketing was born.

Even with the introduction of Google, so many social media platforms, YouTube videos, newsletters, and all manner of online marketing plans, schemes, tricks, gurus, etc., email marketing is still acknowledged as the grand old king of the online marketing world.

Research today shows that 73% of marketers believe in email as the top digital channel for returning a solid Return In Investment.

Why? Well here are just some of the benefits of email marketing:

4 BILLION+ people on the planet use email for communication of some type

As of 2020 statistics show that email marketing returns $36 in value for every dollar spent

79% of marketers list email as one of their top three marketing channels

Email marketers are the most likely to convert on forms

A business or person OWNS the entire email marketing channel (outside of regulations)

I can bore you with a lot more statistics, reasons and proof that email marketing works, but I think you already know that.  The question is, how to best leverage and use it for your business.

Of course there are many ways to utilize email marketing, and much depends on the type of business using it. Retail and ecommerce have much different needs and strategies than service or lead generating businesses.

Probably the most important part of email marketing is building a list that can be remarketed to over and over, maximizing ROI and sales. A solid list of prospects, that are interested in your products and services, or have purchased from you before, is gold in the online marketing business. A solid, long-term and consistent list building strategy is a critical part of many businesses growth.

Email has become extremely sophisticated as well. Content creation, use of images and video, calls to action, automation, segmentation, send timing, and personalization are all available tools that can be used in email marketing campaigns. Using them correctly is key.

And let’s not forget that email is now highly regulated so obeying a whole host of laws is critical to email marketing campaigns.

Proper email marketing also requires many disciplines; copywriting, content creation, spam filter avoidance, opt-ins, A/B and split testing, deliverability, open rates, and click through rates are just a few of the things that professional email marketers need to have training and experience in to properly run email campaigns and achieve maximum returns.

So now as far as your business goes, email marketing is probably important, yes? Do you have the time to properly plan, execute and evaluate email marketing campaigns. Probably not. That’s where we come in.

At Elevate Solutions Group, we have the knowledge and experience to generate leads and sales for your business using email marketing.

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