Social Wi-Fi Marketing

You’re probably already giving your customers free wi-fi.

Why not turn it into an automated marketing tool?

Your customers expect free wi-fi in your establishment

They like getting offers & announcements sent directly to them

You want to capture their info to market to them again later

How It Works


Offer your customers free wi-fi with a “hotspot” at your business & they’re sent to your customized splash page to log in


Customers access your wi-fi network by voluntarily sharing their social profile, email address, or mobile number


Customer info is captured (with their consent) for you to engage with them later


Customers are rewarded with offers & info that they want while you retain their future business

  • Your customers get what they want
  • They’re rewarded for their loyalty
  • You keep them coming back for more

Everyone Wins!

Your Customized “Splash” Page

  • First thing user sees at login (prime “real estate”)
  • Custom-built with your branding, logo, style & colors
  • Perfect spot to announce new products & promotions
  • Up to 3 custom slider images
  • Redirect user to a website of your choice upon login
  • You choose which login options to offer your customers; Facebook, Email, Twitter, mobile number & more

Boost Your Social Media Presence Automatically

  • Allow Facebook check-ins
  • Facebook “Like” & Twitter “Follow” buttons offered to users at login
  • Connect your Facebook business page to increase social reach & tell your customers about your business
  • Once launched, it all happens automatically & organically

Engage Your Customers

  • Personalized, hyper-targeted marketing messages
  • 72% of customers are more likely to respond to offers when in sight of the business location
  • Real-time campaigns engage your customers when & where you decide, for maximized results
  • Global campaigns send offers & information for later use
  • Ability to target segments of your customer list by age, gender & number of visits
  • 3rd party integration to your existing or additional campaigns

Campaign Examples

Real-Time Campaigns

We create a real-time campaign targeting first time female visitors to your business

A woman, let’s call her Sara, enters your venue for the first time

She is immediately sent an offer for being a new customer (automatically)

Global Campaigns

We create a global campaign targeting existing customers you haven’t seen for a while (30 days for example)

Our advanced analytics recognize a customer, let’s call him John, hasn’t been in for over 30 days

John is automatically sent an incentive offer to return

Measure & Refine with Advanced Analytics

What if you could get the same type of detailed customer behavioral data from your in-store foot traffic as you do from your website?

It’s Now Possible with SOCIAL WI-FI!


Get a snapshot of all wi-fi enabled

devices in your venue


Discover the number of devices

passing by your locations


Track the length of time visitors

spend in your venue


See details of social wi-fi users

including age, gender, # of visits & last visit


See how many new opportunities &

repeats are coming in


See how many times each visitor

has come in


Shows how many visitors are in your

business & at what time of day


The End Game

The proper use of the data gathered with ESG’s advanced analytics to connect with and market to your customers can produce tremendous results for your bottom line including up to:


  • 2X customer visit frequency
  • 5X increase in customer loyalty with location-based messaging
  • 200+ new unique opt-ins per month (average location)
  • Consistent increases in social media followers

How To Get It Done

You’re the expert at your core business. We’re the experts at helping you grow it. We provide the equipment and technology services you need, then design, launch, manage and update your entire program as your trusted marketing partner.


More Customers. More Sales. More Often.

It’s What We Do.


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